Liberty Man
The true story of Private Abel Johnston in the world’s most important struggle for freedom...
The American Revolution
A live educational  presentation by the great grandson of a Soldier in this epic war for freedom.

"You will want Abel to come and tell his story to your group."

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About Liberty Man

What this is: A live and realistic educational
presentation about the American Revolution for
students and adults.

How the presentation is accomplished: Through an
audience-participation, one-man show depicting Private
Abel Johnston, former Revolutionary War Soldier from
North Carolina, twenty years after the conclusion of the
war. Abel appears in full costume and fully encapsulated
in the year 1803.

Who the presenter is: Larry Johnson was born, grew
up, and was educated in North Carolina near where
Abel Johnston (his great x 4 grandfather ) lived and
fought. Larry earned a BA in US History from UNC and
spent much of his life as an educator both in the public
and private sectors. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps,
having taken his Oath near where Abel Johnston first
took up arms. Dr. Johnson currently is an officer in the
Col. James Wood II Chapter of the Sons of the American
Revolution and is a bishop in the Anglican Church of

The general presentation: The year is 1803; Thomas
Jefferson is now US President. Abel earns his living as a
cotton and tobacco planter.
Abel still wears clothing that looks much the same as
that which he wore during the war. He carries his
musket, ax and other accouterments to demonstrate to
the audience what soldiers of his day needed and used.
Depending upon the age of his audience, Abel Johnston
will discuss his outfit and supplies show-and-tell style
along with anecdotes regarding the American
Revolution from the perspective of a man who served
that are little-known and/or not generally presented in
history lessons.

Typical topics include how he felt about fighting, what
he thought he was fighting for, and general morale of
the soldiers around him. He will (with the help of his
numerous authentic items of the day) discuss how
soldiers of that day lived, what the items he carried with
him were for, how he took care of himself when he was
sick, the kinds of things he ate and even how he had to
sew his own moccasins.

Participants will ask questions and receive
according to their knowledge of the time
period and their ages, though Abel Johnston will not be
able to respond to things that would have been
unknown to him at the time or that happened later.
Length of presentation: In thirty-minute increments,
there may be as many as seven lessons and discussion
period. Approximately one hour to an hour-and-a-half,
depending upon the interest and discussion time.

The in-depth presentation: For those who would like
more detailed discussion, a guide is available which can
help teachers prepare students ahead of time. This type
of program is presented along the lines of a one-man
play as follows: Act I – Talk of War; Act II – Cost of
Freedom; Act III – Preserving Our Nation.
Length of presentation: The seven-lessons may be
offered in formats that take about an hour to three

For further details and contact information, see the
“In-depth Presentation for Classes” guide, which also
outlines educational goals, methods of accomplishment,
learning objectives and lesson topics, or contact Dr.
Larry W. Johnson at 540.635.5521 or
“Our rights and
freedoms as Americans
are embodied in our
Constitution, and must
be taught to every new
The purpose of this
program, “Liberty
Man,” is to make a
small contribution in
educating our citizens
about our hard won
Larry Johnson
“Liberty Man” is a publication
and presentation prepared
and performed by Larry
Johnson. Those wishing to
have this program performed
at their school, college,
company, or organization
may contact him by
telephone or email.
Telephone: 540.635.5521
Copyright 2012. All Rights
are Reserved. Those wishing
to use concepts and ideas
from this program must
request permission.
Contact Larry Johnson.

To commemorate the
September 17, 1787 signing of
the Constitution, Congress has
designated September 17th of
each year as Constitution Day
and September 17—23 of each
year as Constitution Week. This
is in accordance with Public Law
108—447, section 111 which
states the following: “Each
educational institution that
receives Federal funds for a
fiscal year shall hold an
educational program on the
United States Constitution on
September 17 of such year for
the students served by the
educational institution.
...each Federal agency or
department shall provide
educational and training
materials concerning the United
States Constitution to each
employee...on September 17 of
each year.” This law was
passed in 2004.
You and your organization do
not have to wait but may invite
Larry right away to visit and
present his program.
A Primer by Larry Johnson about a
private who fought in the American
Revolution. This book is for
participants in programs or for those
interested in the Revolution.
High quality full color 81/2 by 11
inches 36 page book containing
dozens of facts.
Primer shows  photos of leaders,
soldier's uniforms, battle maps and
much much more. It is about the war
where Abel fought in the Southern
Theater, or as his fellow soldier said,
"Abel fought north and south of the
Cape Fear (River)."

Blood Line of Patriot Abel Johnston—3
About the Presenter—5
Prelude—War Comes to Abel—6
The King’s Oppression—8
War Comes—The Commanders—9
Gear, Equipment—12
Military Organization—14
Soldier Tours of Duty and Pay—15
Abel’s Personal Gear—16
Knapsack Items—17
Where Abel Fought—Southern Theater—
South of the Cape Fear—19
North of the Cape Fear—20
After Six Years Victory—22
Peace—The Treaty of Paris Signed—23
Words of War—esprit de corps—24
Religion in the Revolution—25
Major Battles—26
The Numbers—The Cost—27
Path to Independence—28
War Was Over for Abel—30
Resolving the Mysteries—31
Students Review—Uniform and
Student Exercises and Vocabulary—33
Personal Qualities of our Patriot
The Price of Independence Was

Price: Liberty Man Vol III  $25.00 plus
$6.00 for shipping. Order by phone.
Ask for quantity prices. Group prices when
participants each buy a copy to follow
presentation and to have for future study.
Ordering by mail:
582 Simons Way
Front Royal, VA 22630
Table of Contents

    About educational materials and

    There are three publications available to help you
    in the presentation of Liberty Man by Larry to
    your group.

    They are:.
    Volume one. Course Guide---Educational  
    Goals. Describes seven lessons and educational

    Volume two. Teacher's Guide

    Volume three. Liberty Man-Primer
    Price all three Volumes is a total of $45.00 plus
    shipping. Liberty Man by itself is $25.00 for single
    copies. Quantity prices available.

    Is there a charge related to Liberty Man
    presentations? Yes there is. You may call to
    discuss this.

    Programs are offered for home schoolers, public
    schools, Christian schools, churches, college
    classes, government agencies and businesses.
    Call or email for fees on various presentations,
    such as, but not limited to, mini-worships on the
    soldiers' role, the Constitution or the
    Revolutionary War. IF you have a special group
    and would like to have something especially
    planned this is possible.

    Lorry's  program is not sponsored nor funded by
    any group or agency of government. It is an
    independent presentation on the most important
    subject in our time. Perhaps your organization will
    sponsor the Liberty Man
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Larry as Abel
Liberty Man the Book
click to review sample pages
Celebrating the

General Nathanael Greene on the need for
strong morals.

“What adds to the misfortunes of the State is, morality
is at a low ebb  and religion almost held in contempt,
which are the great pillars of good government and
sound policy. Where these evils prevail the laws will be
treated with neglect and the magistrate with contempt.
Patriotism will have little influence and government
continues without dignity.”

Written in North Carolina by General Greene on his
journey back home to Rhode Island at the close of the
war. August 1783.
Music used by permission of David Hildebrand.  Music from George Washington--Music for the First President.
How Liberty Man began.
Larry Johnson researched the history of
his great (x 4) grand father and when he
discovered the rich history of Abel
Johnston he wanted his children and
grand children to know the story. So he
searched for a way to impart his
discoveries. What would capture their
attention long enough to learn of a time
long ago?
In today's busy world with children so
technically connected to electronic games,
cell phones, IPads, television, sports, and
the like, it would be hard to compete. The
answer was to go back to an old method
that captured his attention as a child. Why
not a "live" demonstration? After more
than a year of research and study of
American history, family history,
Revolutionary War soldiers' history
"Liberty Man" came to be. You can now
share it also.
Liberty Man Appearances
and Performances.

Home School Planning Committee,
Stephen City, Va  February 9, 2012

Edmond History Museum, Edmond, OK
(Public Invited) May 18, 2012  

Samuels Library, Front Royal, VA (Public
Invited) May 31, 2012

Stonewall Jackson High School, AP Class
Shenandoah County, VA June 6, 2012

James Wood II Chapter of the Sons of
American Revolution Picnic
Front Royal, VA  July 21, 2012 1:30 pm

Civil Air Patrol, Winchester Airport, July
31, 2012 7:00 pm.

Special Performance at Evensong
Summer Festival (watch for date)
Though there are no pictures of Abel
Johnston, certain characteristics are
prevalent in the Johnston/Johnson family
and it's a good bet that Larry looks very
similar to Abel. Inset is picture of Larry
during his Marine Corps days at the same
age Abel would have been serving as an
American Revolutionary War Soldier.
"If men choose not
to remember the
sacrifices of our
forefathers and fail
to cherish the
freedoms they won
for us then we shall
surely lose our
"I have finally finish looking through your Primer. You did a
great job. It contains something for all ages. You have
made learning history easy and enjoyable.  I came across
many things I was not aware of. Your layout of illustrations
and facts make retaining information easy.  Hope you have
favorable response to your presentations and you have
many bookings. This is something that is sorely needed in
today's world."   
A retired Air Traffic Controller Supervisor and Korean Vet

History revealed: "Most impressive... Especially the story
of the Battle of Guilford Court House and Abel."
Retired Citizen in Oklahoma

Live demonstration: "The hands-on part is great for youth. I
want you to come to our youth meeting soon."
Attendee at Public Library.

Youth excitement: "Can I be an 'actor' and help you?" Ten
year old who saw
Liberty Man at her Library.
Larry Johnson in civilian dress.
Liberty Man-
Abel Johnston,

tells the story of
Above, Students
listen at Public
Library. Right, AP
Students hear
about  Abel in class.
Student signs
Abel speaks of Sacrifice, Freedom and
the Constitution